Looks like Jaws was wrong about Kap….


It was a cold January Monday here in Massachusetts, the 2012 NFL season was in the midst of its fierce playoff shuffle. I was watching NFL Live on ESPN in the afternoon, relaxing from a hard day of work when my mood swung from laid-back and tranquil to disgusted and very confused. Ron Jaworski, former eagles QB and ESPN analyst (one of the reasons I rarely  watch ESPN)  said something that would resonate in my brain forever, “Colin Kapernick has the ability to be the best QB in the NFL”. I was staring at his unaesthetic facial complexion with the stalest look on my face and my eyes were squinted at the television in a confounding moment….. I really couldn’t believe he had just said that. I was legitimately offended by that statement, because not only was there like 15 quarterbacks better than Kap at the time, but he was judging his play by a pretty small sample size of like 6 games. Not to mention that 49ers roster that year was easily one of the most talented, deep, and well put together teams in the entire league (9 pro bowlers that year). So a week or 2 later the 49ers are playing in the super bowl against the Baltimore Ravens and they are getting smoked at half time before the defense and a few good plays by Kap and the offense (and a power outage controversy) almost willed them to come back and win the game until Kaepernicks last throw near the goal line intended for Michael Crabtree sailed over his head only to land incomplete and the niners lost the game. A few months later, prior to the 2013 NFL season, Jaws doubled down on his imbecilic statement to say that Kap “could be the best QB arguably in the history of the NFL”. Woah. I’m sure you could imagine my reaction when he said that. So besides the point of Jaws being a moron who gets to air his ridiculous opinions to the nation, Colin Kaepernick is clearly never going to be anywhere near the best quarterback in the NFL, let alone one of the best ever. Since his little super bowl run, Kaepernicks play has dipped year after year, his numbers have steadily declined since his noteworthy 10 starts in 2012.


It seemed that the superstardom went to Colin’s head, he went from being in Madden commercials with Russell Wilson and being on the cover of GQ magazine to being the butt of jokes to the sports media outlets, and even some former teammates coming out to say he is just a diva and somewhat of a cancer in the locker room. 2015 was a tumultuous year for Kaepernick, the 49ers actually started out with a convincing win over a Minnesota Vikings team who ended up making the playoffs and Kaepernick had played well in the first couple starts of the year before shit hit the fan, and the 49ers reeled and lost 6 out of the next 8 games after the Monday night opener. Kap would eventually be shut down and placed on season ending injured reserve do to some “shoulder injury”. He would finish the year with 6 touchdowns 5 interceptions and an extremely pedestrian 59% completion rating through nine regular season games. Kaepernick was highly criticized  by NFL analysts for lacking solid fundamentals and not using the most basic of QB mechanics, breakdown his film and you see a quarterback who doesn’t go through his progressions, gets flustered in the pocket easily, and feels pressure rapidly because of poor pocket awareness.


Entering the 2016 season, we don’t even know what team Kap is going to be playing for, I’m not even entirely sure he will be a starter next season. I thought the 49ers hiring Chip Kelly as head coach would potentially be a good thing for the development of Kaepernick, but with trade rumors swirling around that he could potentially be shipped to Denver, I’m not really sure what to think of his career at this point. He could stay in San Francisco and possibly thrive under Chip, but what if they decide to draft a franchise QB with the 7th overall pick in the draft, how would Colin perceive that? He already has some distrust towards GM Trent Baalke, so say they traded him to Denver and he was the presumed starter in the offseason, I’m willing to bet John Elway still drafts one of the top QB prospects in the upcoming draft, and based of what we’ve seen on how head coach Gary Kubiak deals with quarterbacks, it wouldn’t take much for Colin to get the hook and we’d probably see him go into a shell at that point. Still only 28 I believe there is time for him to reach pro bowl form again, but its literally all in his hands, if he gets traded to Denver that would be a blessing for his career because of the upgrade in talent around him that he will see compared to San Fran. I’m anxious to see what the future beholds for Kap but one thing is definitively clear….Jaws couldn’t have been more wrong about Colin Kaepernick.


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