It definitely sucks to be the Lakers right now.


Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell continued to be contrite Friday for secretly taping video of teammate Nick Young discussing interest in women that weren’t Young’s fiancée, rapper Iggy Azalea. But Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson acknowledged it was a bit strained when Russell and Young were in the locker room at the same time. Forward Julius Randle said that things had been a “little awkward.” To steal Randle’s phrase, this will be a little awkward if Young and Russell are teammates next season too. “Will they ever be buddy-buddies again? I don’t know but they do have to coexist as long as they’re both here and I think they can,” Head coach Byron Scott said. Besides the two main characters, Clarkson probably has the toughest role. He’s good friends with Young and Russell. He’s talked to each of them separately. “We’re just going to have to see how it works out, how they handle it,” Clarkson said. “There’s an elephant in the room, especially when those two guys [are] in the locker room. We felt it but D’Angelo handled it the right way. He looked us all in the eyes as men and apologized. –

If you’re the Los Angeles Lakers, you’ve got yourself quite the conundrum on your hands, this is pretty pathetic, not only does your team suck, but they clearly hate each other. I’m sure all the top free agents this summer like Durant, Lebron, Drummond, and Horford are enjoying this spectacle thinking “Fuck that bullshit, i’d rather go play for the Celtics anyways” but that’s besides the point. D’Angelo Russell is obviously the future for the lakers, and Nick Young has already played his best days of basketball, and everyone appears to be rooting against Russell here. The kid is getting booed at home games and there’s probably a million twitter and instagram pages dedicated to D’Angelo “Snitch” Russell, even fellow NBA players have taken to social media to condemn his actions.


So this is obviously not a very good look in the lakers front office, and you don’t want to put your star rookie in a situation where he feels like he’s rejected or unwanted and becomes detached from the team, that could end up in wanting a trade or some other silly publicity stunt . But i can only imagine what the hell was said when they asked him about it, i mean they’d be crazy not to want to know what was going through his brain when he pulled out his phone and started recording. Personally i just think he wanted Iggy all to himself, this was all apart of his diabolical plan to steal Iggy from Swaggy. He leaked the video and now the cat is out the bag that Swaggy cheated and Russell is most likely there to swoop in soon like “See Iggy,  I would never do you dirty like that babygirl”. Too bad for Nick Young really, he doesn’t come of as the jealous type, he seems like a pretty level headed dude off the basketball court, i mean he cheated and that’s not good but he doesn’t seem like all that bad of guy and for the most part has handled the situation well. I don’t think well see any retaliation out of Nick young, its a good thing Matt Barnes isn’t on the Lakers anymore, imagine if D’Angelo did pulled that while Barnes was still apart of the team? He’d turn that locker room into D-Russ Stew…..


(And for what its worth, i think Swaggy would give Russell the hands)

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