Daniel Cormier Backs out of UFC 197 Title Fight vs. Jon Jones in a Last-Chance Effort to Avoid Getting Embarrased 

Source –  The highly-anticipated rematch between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones won’t be happening later this month after all.

An injury has forced Cormier, the UFC light heavyweight champion, to withdraw from the fight, MMAFighting.com has confirmed via multiple sources. Cormier wasn’t available for comment when contacted by MMAFighting.com Friday night.

I don’t think there has been anyone as confused with this whole situation over the past week than myself. Last week I wrote this blog about how Jones was going to destroy Cormier at UFC 197, and finally take back the title that is rightfully his. 

Then, just a few days later , the news that Jones got arrested again had me thinking the worst. I could’ve sworn Dana White was going to call off the fight and suspend Jones again – or even worse- cut ties with him from the company altogether. 

You know who else thought the fight would get called off? This sneaky bastard right here: 

Cormier thought he was gonna get away with another one. He was so pumped that Jones got arrested. He must’ve felt like the luckiest guy on the planet. 

He dodged ol’ Jonny bones yet again, solidifying himself as the champion through bullshit politics one more time….

But wait… There was no announcement made about the fight being cancelled due to Jones’ arrest? FUCK YEAH now we get to finally see him throw Cormier around the octagon like a rag doll. As long as Cormier doesn’t fake an injury or some bullshit like that…. 

….And then, Friday night when most people aren’t paying attention to a lot of stories- it happened. 

 I honestly laughed when I saw this on ESPN today. The most well-timed injury in the history of combat sports. Such a little snake. Now he’s gonna be annoying the shit out of us from the analysts desk on FS1 until he recovers.

Typical Cormier. Always trying to take attention off the true champion, and this time he went to great lengths to insure himself the title without actually having to throw a fist or attempt a takedown with his 12-inch reach disadvantage to Jon Jones.

Something tells me that Cormier will retire before Jones has a chance to beat his ass. And that’s always how he wanted it. But you know what? The damage is done. We all know for an absolute fact that this asshole would never come close to a victory against Bones. Go back to the announcing team you rat, we’ll be fine without you.  


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