P90x cleary works: Ask Eddie Lacy


Last year I took Eddie Lacy 2nd overall in one of my big fantasy leagues and 5th overall in another one. When I drafted him I thought I was getting the guy on the left side of the picture shown above, instead I got the fat piece of shit you see on the right. The guy had some good games here and despite an ankle injury early in week 2, he slothed his way through the season, eventually playing mostly behind ol’ man James Starks later down the stretch. He literally blew it for me in 2 fantasy leagues this year, I was so disappointed I reached out to Eddie and asked him to lower me into my grave at my funeral so that way he can just let me down for the last time, but that’s beside the point. His weight was clearly an issue and even head coach Mike McCarthy addressed the situation and told reporters that Eddie cannot play at the same weight he did last season, and that he needed to make some changes….. So he did.




Guy looks like he dropped 100 pounds!! Apparently Big Eddie reached out to Tony Horton, the owner and founder of P90x, and are working hard to get Mr. Lacy lean and in tip top shape. He’s already begun a training regime that will go until training camp starts, and based on the photos we’ve been seeing, they’re are definitely making serious progress. I just have two things to say about Lacy now, screw that massive heffa trying to play running back last season, and his stock in fantasy is wayyyyyy up now, he’s going to rip it up this year as long as he stays clear of the buffet.

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