BREAKING: Jon Jones Arrested for Probation Violation – I Don’t Know What to Think Anymore 

The hits keep coming for former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who was arrested today by police in Albuquerque, N.M., five days after being cited on multiple traffic charges.

Online arrest records show Jones was arrested earlier today and booked at the Metropolitan Detention Center on a charge of violating his probation. TMZ was first to report the news of Jones’ arrest.

 When I saw this report a few minutes ago I was legitimately shocked. Such a stupid move by Jon Jones to get himself in trouble AGAIN less than a month before his return to the UFC. 

Just last week , I wrote a blog about how Jones was going to storm back into the UFC and rightfully take his title back from Daniel Cormier. Now, after yet another arrest, it doesn’t look like that will happen; and an even worse thought that comes to mind – this might be the end of Jon Jones- one of the greatest careers in MMA history 

Why would you even THINK about driving after the whole hit and run fiasco last year? Drug use is one thing, I don’t really care if he wants to do Coke in between fights. That’s his business. Not mine. But when you put yourself in a position to hurt or kill people in a vehicle – that’s where the sympathy train ends for me.

 I have the same question whenever pro athletes get arrested for DUI or hit&run or some other driving offense. Why the fuck were YOU the one driving?

If you get arrested one time for a driving offense as a professional athlete (let alone the best mma fighter on the planet) you can get a second chance. After that, hire yourself a damn driver. Buy one of those self-driving cars – do anything that won’t put your future and the wellbeing of others in jeopardy. If you’re not able to do that, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Looks like this asshole gets to be the false champion for a little while longer.  

Hopefully Dana White has some mercy on Jones, because honestly it would be such a shame if we don’t get to see Jonny Bones in the octagon again.

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