Over Sixty and Overly Sexy: The Hottest Old Ladies of 2016

I’m always checking in on the hotties of the past to see if they still got it – and I think 2016 is the year of the 60-and-over ladies. *Quick disclaimer these are NOT random old women obviously they are celebrities* I’m not that much of a wild man.

Let’s get it started with #5, at 67years old, Olivia Newton John 

 To be honest I wasn’t sure about putting her in the top 5, but she used to be so cute back in the Grease days I couldn’t leave her off the list. That, plus the fact that she only has three more years of eligibility. I kinda threw her a bone on this one, but she does look extremely good for 67.

Next up at a fiery 69years old             –Susan Sarandon

   How about Thelma and Louise getting ready to bust themselves out of that dress up there? Unbelievable that she’s the oldest on this list. If you told me she was almost 70, and I hadn’t seen it on Google, I wouldn’t believe you. She’s got that sexy maturity about her and you know she’s been around the block(in a good way,no old lady STD’s). She’s one of those rare women that you don’t even want to see fully naked cause it’s probably not that nice to look at. But you would definitely still take her home in a second and fool around in the dark til the sun comes up. That’s a fact.

#3 -63yrs old- Mary Steenburgen 

 No joke this is exactly the kind of girl I want to wife up in the future. Not necessarily 63 years old, for our kids’ sake, but you know what I mean. She just looks like the definition of wife material. Absolutely perfect smile, funny as hell, and she has a fantastic set of tits to go along with her persona. She’s number three on this list, but number one in my heart.

#2 -65yrs old- Morgan Fairchild 
 If Mary Steenberger is wife material, this is the polar opposite. Morgan Fairchild is Escape-from-your-wife material. You give her a call after a long day of work and she tells you to come right over so she can take care of you. After a few years of being married if I call my wife after a long day, all I’m going to hear is complaints and crying about what her friends said about her behind her back. Once in awhile we all need a break, and taking one look at Morgan Fairchild let’s you know she can provide you with that break and then some. As long as the break doesn’t happen to be her hip bone, she’s a solid 2spot in the top 5.

And now #1- the undisputed champ at 61yrs old –                     the age-defying Christie Brinkley 

No doubt about it. The hottest woman over 60, and possibly in the over 50 category too. I had no idea she was 61 until I looked it up. She’s looked the same for the past 20 years and it seems like she’ll never stop being one of the sexiest women on the planet regardless of age. Take all the good qualities from the other 4 on this list, put them together and that is Christie Brinkley. A whole lotta woman for a whole lotta years.

 And that wraps up The Hottest Old Lady’s of 2016. I don’t see anyone knocking our girl Christie off the top any time soon.

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