One Month From Today, Jon Jones Will Once Again Claim What’s Rightfully His

We here in New England just said goodbye to Jon’s brother Chandler, but we’ve all known for years who the true man of the Jones’ household is. Jonny Bones Jones is the most well-rounded fighter I’ve ever seen. I used to say Anderson Silva was better, but over the years Jones has proven time and time again that nobody can beat him. 

The fight against Lyoto Machida in December 2011 put Jones in my top 5 of all time. He beat the piss out of Lyoto, a well-rounded karate expert himself, and his reach proved to be overwhelming towards the end of the first round. And the stand-up guillotine he submitted Machida with in the 2nd round was something out of a movie. Lyoto’s face looked like Ed Blomquist when he got hanged in season 2 of Fargo  

 And not to mention, just 3 months before that, he beat Rampage Jackson with a rear-naked choke at UFC 135. Since he won the title in March of 2011, he has been an unstoppable force in the UFC. There is no way on this earth that Daniel Cormier would have won the title in an actual fight against Jones. If Jon never went on that week long Coke binge awhile back, he’d still be the champ without a doubt. But we don’t need to talk about a drug problem that doesn’t exist anymore. For now atleast. I think. But still. He’s the fucking champ regardless 

 The tale of the tape is laughable. Cormier is giving up a cool 12 inches of reach and 5 inches of height. That little stocky bastard isn’t going to be able to do anything unless he lands a lucky punch or somehow catches a takedown from a mistake on Jones’ part. This is gonna be a good one folks – but make no mistake about it – the title belongs to Jonny Bones Jones.

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