New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and his team were penalized a 2016 first-round draft pick and a 2017 fourth-round selection as part of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s punishment for Deflategate. 

Speaking Monday at the league’s annual spring meetings, Kraft said he wrote a letter to Goodell over a month ago outlining the reasons the Patriots should get their 2016 pick back, per the Washington Post’s Mark Maske.

Maske reported Kraft also “suggested” the letter asked for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s suspension to be rescinded. Kraft didn’t say whether Goodell responded.

“I pray [and] desire” for the draft penalty to be taken back, Kraft said, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. “We’ve done everything we can do.”

Rapoport said it was “clear” Kraft knows getting the pick back is unlikely. -via Bleacher Report

OK Roger, the clock has started ticking for you buddy. When the Godfather himself writes you a letter of request, you best oblige the man as quick as possible if you know what’s good for you and your loved ones. Kraft is a fucking boss and is not to be tampered with, Goodell has already made the man upset with the whole deflate gate controversy, stripping of 2 draft picks, and trying to suspend the greatest quarterback to ever live, so from an outside perspective it seems that Kraft has been extremely patient with this man, now it seems his patience is dwindling with this report of him sending Goodell a personally written letter. I’m sure the letter says something like ” give us our fucking draft picks back you scum tooth piece of shit or I will blow your fucking house up” or something along those lines. So I’m sure Roger is sitting a room somewhere sweating bullets knowing that the whole nation is aware that he’s received Krafts letter. So the next step for Goodell would be to kindly reissue the patriots 1st and 4th round picks back in this years draft and  to drop that appeal and kindly exonerate Brady of all this bullshit, or else. Don’t let time slip away from you Roger because I’m sure you know who Kraft will have pay you a visit if you don’t wise up soon……robert_kraft_aaron_hernandez_duped

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