Classic Fight Recap – The Epic Rap Battle Knockout

Kind of a slow news day, so I figured I’d go into the vault and recap the strangest, most epic rap battle/knockout combo in history.

Introducing first, The Challenger. When I first saw this video I immediately felt for this guy. The whole world knows he can rap with the best of them, but sometimes hunger gets the best of you and you gotta finish your meat patty first. 

We’ve all been there. 

And now, the Champion,  Mr. Battle Rap himself.


Now this is a true rapper. Perfect flow, performs under pressure. I know he’s probably just visiting that block to make an example out of another rapper, cause he’s gotta get back to the studio and finish his album soon. He’s definitely not broke that’s for sure. 

Well atleast he’s not broke anymore, sick watch bro! Must almost feel as good as taking the special Ed kids’ dessert in the cafeteria back in middle school, fucking clown. But regardless, the man knows how to get the crowd hyped.

But wait… What’s that? It’s no limits? It’s…its… Mop head making a comeback! 

You can take his watch, plate that, you can haaave it. But, you start to make jokes and this guy is hungry for a muhfuckin soul. And you know shit just got real when CuzinTwiz himself has to make an appearance  

He tried. He pleaded. He begged for the SoulSnatcher to not punch that lady’s house, but who’s going to stop that savage when he gets going? Possibly our champion now that I see this look in his eyes 

That is the look of someone who has been waiting for this moment for an eternity. Also similar to the look on my face when I see the hot dog guy walking towards me at Fenway but that’s neither here nor there. This man is about to strike and if I were the other guy I would just call it a day.  

In comes a quick flurry of punches but our challenger doesn’t quit on us just yet.   

He told me to look at his face, and I did. No marks. Hell yeah. Good job sir, we’ll see you at the same spot tomorrow.   

Oh fuck. Bro watch ou…….. 

Damn. Knocked right out in cold blood, layed out in the grass like a lump on a log. 

I guess that’s just how things go on the rough&tumble roads of the 551 (this happened in Connecticut by the way) as explained in the beginning of the video  

So what can we all take away from this epic battle/fight? Who is the winner and who is the loser. If you ask me they’re all losers, but Cuzin Twiz filmed it for us, and he was so compelling in his brief close-up that I gotta give him the MVP award to him.  

So thank you Twiz for giving us all this piece of Internet gold. Enjoy your Monday everyone


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